Sunday, August 22, 2010


Where's that ? It just beating out loud ..trying to break out..its painful.It keeps me awake all night .Its not listening .Its calm yet its moving .I don't know how to tell you that but yes its real.
    The mind wants to fly in the sky like an eagle ,where there should not be limits to interpretation, like a free bird ,like sun in the sky ,like the blood though my veins .All i need is way to come out .
Who knows why this mind wanders in the fictitious jungle of thoughts,where is the real  me!
Really I am addicted ,I want to muse what ever i like .That's enough .
       Its all a big puzzle to me .I am trying to give myself a direction.How to tell you,how crucifying it is to not have you around me ,it feels like I have been without breath . Every time ,I walk the path alone ,it just look out for you around me ,suddenly to realize that you are in HYBD.My mind just look for your shadow and then it cajoles itself of being the sole passerby moving along the road.Its so veinomous.


You are the music to me that i am trying to put down in words..Words often carry the soul power to percolate through the eyes and all i just want to offer these to your beautiful heart .Your affection give my words a meaning and soul with which can fly anywhere without any limitations.
My  thirsty soul just got some feeling of being drenched after seeing you through the eyes of camera.I just felt so thrilled .Felt like just get into those photos of yours and just hug you and tell how it ................!
You look so beautiful holding the tubby.felt like being there at your b'day.You look delighted .
i wish you LOVE my soul!TC.Just look into the picture below,it depicts all me engulfed in you..
for u!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


      My love I am so sorry for being so arrogant with you so far .But its all about loving you like anything.I have been breathing so far but it was going to the heart .You know how the heart pumps blood in the same manner when I feel you ,my heart really starts pumping blood like anything.
   My heart is so fragile and I have offered it to you with a sense of relief and believe that it mean lot to me .Probably it so little that I can offer you now .But I will offer myself when the time arises because love demand sacrifices.

     When I say 'I Love You' every time I speak with you over the phone and when I meet you,I mean I owe you my everything despite what happened and what will happen.Probably Love is faith for me that I have on you .If I ever break that faith probably my life will be of no use. I always boast my feelings upon you but I am really sorry for being so rude with you.May be I might be wrong.

    I don't know how significant my words are for you,probably they are negligible to describe what  I really feel about you.My words are my faith because they only come out when I feel something from inside .At times I remain calm just to feel them .

  All I could offer  you is my little heart .Keep it with you.Be with me forever.Because I begin with You and You have to define my End.

I always recite these lines whenever i don't have you besides me .
"Come on hold my hand,
I want to contact your living;
Not sure I understand,This role I have been given;
I sit and talk to God & He just laughs at my plans;
My head speaks a language ,I don't understand;
I just want to feel real Love ,Feel the home that I live In;
Coz I got so much life running through my veins going to waste!!!

Be with me .For me my whole world lies within you. Its just You and nothing else..
You mean the music to me who gave me the lyrics to write .I am all yours ..just yours.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Whats lies within my mind? Its all so strange at times .Sometimes its me ,sometimes its and all of it lies between you and me .The Mind is full of strange of weird things and at times it all think of a little faith .It then thinks of you .Probably thinking about you brings a little peace to my mind which is so full of weird thoughts .Sometimes it could ,sometimes it couldn't convey the feelings it carries .But yet your touch makes it happy and it feels the joy that all my mind search for .
    If something that true is mind .It speaks with you .It teaches you to be good and follow faith .It gives you the courage that is really needed when you feel all alone .It keeps on telling myself to keep doing it till i get it right .It all lies within me !!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

!Proto @ its best..MAsti Ki Paathshala!

            Proto'10 ...SOme of the glimpses of the event bringing me closer to what I always think about .Meeting Mr.Shankar was indeed delighted me too.More to learn from these great people..It all coz of you ..

!MoOD Indigo!

                         It was the an awesome feel with U my Love !Kudos to you..


                   Thats what i always call you my love .You drive me crazy .Perhaps all I can say is that you are all over me.Probably Its true that my heart is now becoming more and more pure and without dogmas .Your touch and care brings to me joy that cant be compared with any other thing in my Life.

                 I owe you all my life to you my sweetheart..You make me fly like an eagle with zeal and courage.Always wishing for my Goodness and well being .Often I might have been rude to you but thats all because I Love you a lot.Staying away from you for a moment is a cunning experience.Its like a knife slowly piercing my heart and blood coming out of me asking for you.This whole body and soul belongs to you .

               My love for you is my faith in you .All within my breath lies your aroma that goes deep down within my heart and it spreads the fragrance that even make the king Rose jealous of you .Probably  I could write all this because i am drenched and blessed by  your love .I everyday say to GOD whenever i meet him one word Thank you for bestowing your faith and love in me .It means a lot to me coz you mean Life to me .Its precious and its worthless .I all belong to you my soul mate.Your  presence in my life means life to me .

              Whenever you touch me,that touch  percolates through my veins to my heart and to the soul as like the rain god showers rain and the whole earth blooms like a new born baby.I have now realized how precious you are to me.Take away all of me in you and  we become a true soul.....

Thursday, February 04, 2010


"keh diya ??? ha ho meri dilruba

o dheere dheere itane hum paas aa gaye
kaliya jhuki bhavare sharma gaye
tum hi jindagi ho, tum hi pyaar ho
meri khaamoshi mera ijhahaar ho
keh diya ??? ha ho meri dilruba

hasdo hasdo jara dekho chanda se kuchh keh do
hasdo jara inhi lamho ko sajane do
sitaaron se baatein karenge chalo
hatheli pe abb gul khilenge chalo
tum hi jindagi ho, tum hi pyaar ho
meri khaamoshi mera ijhahaar ho
keh diya ??? ha ho meri dilruba"
      Thats what comes out when I think about Your presence in my LIFE !
Tumhara wo sharmana ,
sharmake palkhen jhukana ,
tumse najre milte hi tumhari dhadkan ka badh jana ,
Aur tumhari ye husn ki HAYA ne hame tumhara ashiq bana diya hai!
   Tumhari Ye Narmi,
   Ankhon ka noor ,
   Ishq Ki Chahat,
   Dil ki sachhai,
   Ek apnapan;
 has all took over my heart .It brought me close to your heart .It all reminds me, my existence in this LiFE.At times my feelings took over me heart and I tend to loose control over myself but yet it is all to make you feel happy .Its all about giving the best of me !

          I know its kind of very difficult at times for me when i Think about You.My Heart cries out in pain when I don't have you around me and that why when I meet you,it tries to emerge out like the volcano full of feelings that i care ,I love you ,That i think of you always ,TO tell you that you are my desire ,To show you affection ,TO convey you that I worship you ,To breath you ,to show you that you are the one flowing in my Veins,that your Thoughts have just filled my MIND with LOVE ,GRATITUDE & PEACE .
                Its all very strange when you think of it ,but thats what i feel .ALL my feelings are for you."Pyaar kiya nahi jata ho jata hai" ,thats true and thats what has happened .Its about our  relationship of LOVE and the peace that it spread around,It soothens my heart ,it nourishes me,It brings out the serenity within me .Its about you and me my SAJNI.
      Your LOVE is precious for me and its a promise made in the heart that you will have the best in me .I have given my soul to you and will be with you forever and ever .